Papaya Side Effects - What Are Some Common Symptoms?

papaya side effects

Skin irritation is quite common among users of papaya. Itching, irritation, and even the appearance of a red rash that resembles a diaper rash can occur as a consequence of direct contact to papaya or items which contain this tropical fruit. The majority of these symptoms clear up on their own after a couple of weeks of usage.

Ingestion of this fruit can cause gastrointestinal upset and respiratory problems. One of the more popular papaya side effects which has been noted is that it causes indigestion. As a consequence of indigestion, people experience pain and wind hunger. The diuretic properties of the fruit cause water retention. When insufficient fluids are excreted from the body, symptoms such as heartburn and constipation occur.

The possibility of respiratory problems is one of the more serious papaya side effects that may lead to discomfort and illness. Respiratory problems can be caused by the diuretic action of papaya. It has also been noted that a patient who has taken large quantities of papaya has experienced respiratory depression. This is a condition which is considered to be associated with high doses of papaya. It should be kept in mind that these respiratory problems will only occur if an excessive amount of diuretic substances have been consumed, or if the papaya has been ingested in large amounts.

One of the less common but still significant papaya side effects is the reduction of appetite. Some individuals may notice that they lose some of the weight that they had been gaining before consuming the fruit. This side effect is not considered to be major side effects, however, because most individuals lose small amounts of weight. This loss is however, not permanent, so it is important for any person to consult their physician prior to stopping use of papayas.

One of the more common papaya side effects is the production of kidney stones. This is considered to be a minor papaya side effect because the majority of individuals do not generally see this as a problem. However, if a patient eats an excessive amount of papaya, they may experience this kidney stone side effect. This side effect occurs when too much of the potassium in papaya begins to build up in the urine. If this happens, the papayas will need to be rewashed.

One of the major side effects of papayas is the production of nitric oxide. This is seen as a beneficial side effect, however, this may cause some respiratory problems in some patients. This is considered to be a medical emergency and immediate medical attention should be sought. This is especially the case when papayas are overripe or have been stored in the refrigerator for a longer period of time. This is one of the papaya side effects that can be potentially fatal.

There are some papayas that produce an extra amount of fructose. These excess sugars are called natural sugars and they provide the body with a large amount of calories. Excessive amounts of these sugars can cause a severe imbalance in blood sugar levels and cause a drop in blood pressure. It is considered to be one of the more serious papaya side effects, but it is also considered to be very rare. If a person eats an excessive amount of natural sugars, they should contact their doctor immediately.

There are no known papaya side effects that are considered to be harmful. However, these minor papaya side effects are still listed in the papaya leaf packaging. Any of these symptoms could be associated with eating too much papaya. So the next time you eat your favorite papaya fruit, remember to take caution and ask your doctor or pharmacist if any of these symptoms apply to you.