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Benefits of tamarind
Hi, my friends today I am told about to health benefits of tamarind.
Let’s start to see these benefits given below.
What is tamarind?
Tamarind is a tropical fruit. It is also used to make many dishes but commonly used for medicinal purposes. It may offer many health benefits. It is native to Africa but grows in many countries. It is grown on a hardwood tree. These fruits of trees produce beans like a pod filled with seed. It is also evergreen and sour in taste. It also contains the highest nutrients in the right amount of your daily needs in your body. These nutrients may help us to prevent harmful disease and keep fits your health also.
Here some health benefits of tamarind.
1. These highly nutritious facts
Tamarind contains a high amount of nutrition. These nutrients make your body healthy. So, 120 grams of tamarind contains the following nutrients. These nutrients are calorie 288, fiber 3 gram, protein 1 gram, carbs 68 grams, iron 18%, potassium 22%, magnesium 28%, calcium 9%, phosphorus 13%, vitamin B1 34%, vitamin B2 12%, vitamin B3 12%. Tamarind also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, and copper.
2. High in antioxidants
Tamarind contains a good amount of antioxidants which is helping us to protect against cell damage molecule called free radical. High in antioxidants which helps us to reduce inflammation. it may also reduce oxidative stress in various body functions. It may help us to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and 2 types of diabetes.
3. Boost your heart health
Tamarind contains antioxidants which are boosting heart health. It may help us to prevent heart disease like heart attack and stroke. It may control the lower cholesterol level that may cause heart disease. It may help us to control the LDL for bad cholesterol level and also reduce the triglyceride. It is beneficial for your heart health. Tamarind contains antioxidants which help us to reduce oxidative stress and protect our heart health as well as. It also prevents the high risk of atherosclerosis. it may also prevent the high risk of cardiovascular disease
4. High in magnesium
Taramind contains a high amount of magnesium. High in magnesium which is plays an important role in your body to prevent your body function. It is also helping us to control the lower blood pressure that causes heart disease. It may help us with anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic effects.
5. Promote good liver
Tamarind contains antioxidants which play an important role in your body to prevent chronic inflammation. So, chronic inflammation in your body indirectly affects your liver. Tamarind may help us to protect the liver from damage and also treat the liver problem. It may help us to reduce the high risk of arthritis. It also helps us to reduce oxidative stress. Tamarind may help us to free radical damage to the liver. Tamarind contains vitamin E and selenium which help us to protect the lipid contents in the liver cell from the attack of free radicals.