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benefits of persimmon

Hi, my all friends today I am told about to health benefits of persimmon.
Let’s start to see these benefits.
 What is a persimmon?
Persimmon is native to China. It has been delicious fruits. It may offer many health benefits. It is also orange in colors and heart shapes. Persimmon can be fresh eating and drying is commonly used to make jelly, drinks, pies, curries, and pudding. It is a very nutritious fruit. This is also the main source of vitamin and minerals. It also gives us the nutrients in the right amount of your daily needs in your body. These nutrients make your health fit and also prevent harmful diseases. It is also beneficial for your health in all ways.
Here some health benefits of these fruits.
1. These nutritious facts
Persimmons are packed with high nutrition. It contains an excellent amount of nutrients. So, 150 grams of persimmons contain the following nutrients. These nutrients are calorie 110, carbs 30 grams, protein 1 grams, fat 0.2 grams, fiber 6 grams, vitamin A 55%, vitamin C 22%, vitamin E 6%, vitamin K 5%, vitamin B6 6%, potassium 7%, copper 8%, manganese 30 %. It also contains a good source of thiamine, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium, and folate. permission fruits are low in calories and high in fiber.
2. High in antioxidants
Persimmons are containing a high amount of antioxidants which is helping us to protect cell damage against unstable molecules called free radicals. It also helps us to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been linked the chronic disease but antioxidants may help us to prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Persimmons are rich in carotene antioxidants like beta carotene can help us to prevent the high risk of heart disease and certain cancer like lung cancer, colorectal cancer and also metabolic disease.
3. Promote good your heart health
Persimmons are helping us to prevent the high risk of heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. Heart disease is leading to the cause of death. Persimmons can help us to control blood pressure and boost your heart health. Persimmons contain the flavonoids antioxidants which have been reducing the high risk of heart disease. It also reduces the LDL for bad cholesterol and promotes HDL for good cholesterol. It also helps us to prevent inflammation. It may beneficial for your heart health.
4. Reduce the inflammation
Persimmons may help us to reduce the inflammation like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, obesity are linked the chronic inflammation. Persimmons are high in anti-inflammatory property that has been reducing the inflammation. Persimmons contain the good source of vitamin C which acts an antioxidants can help us to protect cell damage caused by free radical in your body. Vitamin C is reactive protein and interleukin -6 which help us to reduce the inflammation in your body. Persimmons contain vitamin E which helps us to fight the inflammation.
5. Rich in fiber
Persimmons are rich in fiber which can help us to reduce the LDL for bad cholesterol can a high risk of heart diseases like heart attack and stroke. Fiber is found in persimmons that can help us to control cholesterol and reduce the high risk of heart disease.