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Benefits of aubergine

Hi, my all friends today I am told about to health benefits of aubergines.
Let’s start to see these benefits given below.
What are aubergines?
Aubergines are also known as eggplants. It is also grown in around the world. It may offer many health benefits. It is a deep purple skin and also comes in the way other colors like red, green and black. It is also beneficial for us in different ways. It is also the main source of vitamin and minerals. It also contains the nutrients in the right amount of your daily needs in your body. These fruits of nutrients may help us to prevent your body and promote healthy your health.
Here some health benefits of these fruits.
1. These nutritious facts
Aubergines are containing a good amount of vitamin and minerals and fiber. It also contains a low amount of calories. So, 82 grams of aubergines contain the following nutrients. These nutrients are calorie 20, carbs 5 grams, fiber 3 grams, protein 1 grams, manganese 10%, folate 5%, potassium 5%, vitamin K 4%, and vitamin C 3%. It also contains niacin, magnesium, and copper.
2. High in antioxidants
Aubergines are containing a high amount of antioxidants which is helping us to protect the cell against unstable molecules called free radicals in your body. It also helps us to stop the growth of cancer cells. Antioxidants are found in aubergines that can help us to prevent the high risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and 2 types of diabetes.
3. Promote heart health
Aubergine is containing a high amount of antioxidants which is helping us to promote your heart health. It may help us to prevent the high risk of heart disease like heart attack and stroke. Aubergine also helps us to control LDL for bad cholesterol and make it HDL for good cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol levels can cause a high risk of heart disease. It may help us to control the blood pressure. It may beneficial for your health.
4. Manage the blood sugar level
Aubergine is helping us to control the blood sugar level. aubergine is contained a high amount of fiber which helps us to blood sugar level can cause 2 types of diabetes. Fiber also helps us to promote good digestion. Fibers also help us to slower absorption to keeps blood sugar steady and prevent spikes. It also helps us to increase insulin sensitivity.
5. Prevent the cancer
Aubergine is contained a high amount of antioxidants which helps us to protect your cell damage and also stop the growth of cancer cells. It may help us to prevent the high risk of certain cancer like colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.
6. Aid weight loss
Aubergine is containing a good amount of fiber and a low amount of calorie which helps us to lose your weight. Fiber may help us to boost the immune system. It may help us to digestive tract slowly and also can help us to promote keep full for longer. It may also help us to lose weight gain in the body.