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Benefits of Strawberries

Hi friend today I am telling about to health benefits of strawberries.
Let’s start to see these benefits
Strawberries are the red bright, juicy and sweet. They are the many sources of vitamin and minerals such as vitamin C and manganese and also contain the amount of folate, vitamin B9, and potassium. It is also being rich in antioxidants that help to contain our body to keep heart health and blood sugar control. These berries are also used in much variety such as jams, jellies, and dessert, etc. strawberries mainly the source of water [91 percent] and the carbohydrates [7.7 percent] and right amount of the fat 0.3 percent and protein 0.7 percent.
1.       Nutritious – one cup of the strawberries are 100 grams contain the following nutrition. Calorie 32, water 91 percent, protein 0.7 gram, carbs 7.7 grams, sugar 4.9 grams, fiber 2 gram, fat 0.3 gram, carbohydrates 12.75 gram, calcium 27 mg, iron o.67 mg, magnesium 22 mg, phosphorus 40 mg potassium 254 mg, vitamin C 97.60 mg, folate 40 microgram vitamin A 28 international unit. The most of the vitamin and mineral in strawberries are.
2.        Vitamin C – strawberries are also be contain the main source of vitamin C to the antioxidants maybe help us to necessary for immune and skin health.
3.       Folate [vitamin B 9] – vitamin B9 is also the folate that is important for the normal tissue to growth and cell function.
4.       Potassium – this mineral as involved in the essential body function as regulating blood pressure. Strawberries are also provided the iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B6, K and E. strawberries are also be prevented many diseases like heart health, lower blood sugar levels, and also be prevented from cancer.
5.       Heart health – heart disease is a common cause of death worldwide. According to the middle-aged to the high risk of the factor good the heart disease berries may improve the HDL good cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood plates function. Strawberries may also improve blood antioxidants status, decrease the oxidative stress, reduce the inflammation, improve vascular function, improve your blood lipid, and reduce the harmful oxidation of the LDL bad cholesterol.
6.       Blood sugar regulation – when the carbs have digested the food into the digestive system, your body breaks them to down into the simple sugar and they release them to into your bloodstream. Strawberries seem to slow down the glucose digestion and also be reduce to spikes in both glucose and insulin to following that the carbs to rich a meal.
7.       Cancer prevention – cancer is a disease by the uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cells. Cancer formation and progression is often too linked to oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Strawberries are also being prevented from several types of cancer through the ability of oxidative stress and inflammation.
8.       Diabetes - strawberries are healthful fruits that the people choice with diabetes. Berries can also prevent the regulate blood sugar and keep it stable by avoiding extreme high and lows.