Benefits of mayapple
Benefits of mayapple

Benefits of Mayapple
Hi my all friends today I am told about to health benefits American mayapple.
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Mayapple is known as an effective cure for genital warts. Mayapple is also been an effective treatment for the white patches that the growing disease in your tongue. It is also known as hairy leukoplakia. It is effective also to be treated for jaundice, fever, syphilis, liver disease, hearing loss, and even cancer. It is also be used as podophyllum has been used topically genital parts and hairy leukoplakia. Mayapple is also known as American mandrake or ground lemon. The plants are native to the woodland of the eastern united states and southeastern Canada has been used the medicinally for hundred of the year. Mayapple is a winter deciduous herbaceous perennial plant that grows about 30 to 45 cm tall. The plant is found the rich wood, thickets, pastures, roadsides, damps area like hillsides seeps, meadows, deciduous and open woodland, forest edge, fields, shores of river or lakes, open woodland, small woodland, etc. mayapple is a most powerful and useful for all human beings. It is the greatest power lies in its action on the liver and the bowels.  The fruits also are available in summer and blossom during the spring also be July to September. The fruit when ripe turnouts to be yellow in color with a very soft flesh. They can be consumed raw or made into jelly or sliced thin and dried or dried whole for use in spells.
1.       Leaves – one to two attached leaves are produced on long erect petioles. Vegetative stems usually have a single leaf, whereas flowering stalks produce a pair of leaves originating from either side of the central flower. Leaves are glabrous. Circular, umbrella-shaped with5 to 9 palmate lobes, and are 6 inches to 12 inches wide a lustrous,
2.       Benefits of mayapple – mayapple is very good fruit and it is very useful for us, exercising an influence on every part of the system and inspiring the glands to healthy action on the liver and bowels it is a gastro-intestinal irritant, a powerful hepatic, and intestinal stimulant.Mayapple is used for preventing the disease like colon cancer. Mayapple root is most medicinally in early spring when it is beginning to shoot. Mayapple is used particularly in the treatment of diarrhea. They were also used topically for treating warts etoposide and teniposide two of its derivatives are also used in treating malignant neoplasms.mayapple in know to be an effective cure for genital warts. Mayapple is also effective to cure genital warts. Mayapple is also an effective treatment for white patches that grow on the tongue, also known as hairy lekoplakia.mayapple is also used to ease bowel movement, destroy parasitic worms in the intestine as well as counteract snakebite. It is effective as a treatment for gynecologic infections. It can also be beneficial for people who are struggling with certain gastrointestinal, liver, and skin problems. mayapple fruit can be made into marmalades, jams, jellies and sweet dishes by removing its seeds and covering.