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Benefits of kiwi

Hi my all friend today I am talking about to health benefits of kiwi.
Let’s start to see these health benefits of kiwi.
Kiwi is a very delicious fruit that we eat .There is green flesh that is sweet and tangy. It also full of any types of vitamins and minerals such as nutrients vitamin C vitamin K, vitamin E, folate and potassium. They also have must a lot of antioxidants that are a good source of fiber. There is a small seed that is edible of these fruits, as is the fuzzy brown peel, through the peel of the kiwi before it eating. It prevents dengue.
1. Prevent the asthma-It has provided also as vitamin C and antioxidants that the kiwi contain can prevent people with asthma.
2. Aids digestion-Kiwi has plenty of fiber that is already good to digest the food for our digestive system. They also are contained as a proteolytic enzyme called the actinidin and it can help the down protein.
3. Boosts and immune system- kiwi are the nutrients –dense which is full of vitamin C, in fact of vitamin C, just one cup of kiwi provides 277 percent of the daily routine. Vitamin C is also essential when it comes to boosting your immunity system that prevented the disease.
4. Reduce the risk of health conditions – Oxidative stress cans the results in the damage to our DNA. This can be lead to health problems from partially its antioxidants. Oxidative DNA also be damage is strongly linked to the cases of colon cancer, and also be regular kiwi is prevented could to the lower risk of colon cancer too.
5. Prevented blood pressure No, only this kiwi cannot use to boost the immune system it’s also be used to manage our blood pressure.
6. Reduces the blood clotting – in addition, the kiwi also is used to manage our blood pressure, kiwi can also be reduced to our blood clotting. They also reduce the must a lot of fat in the blood.
7. Protect against the vision loss – macular degeneration is leading to the cause of our body to vision loss and the kiwi also be protect the might be of some help to protect your eye form it.
8. Good source of the folate – kiwi also be good form the good source of the folate, it is good beneficial for pregnant women because it helps us to development of the fetus, its make the healthy. it is considered to be good for the growing children.
9. Main the source of vitamin and minerals – kiwi fruits also gives us a source of vitamin and minerals such as vitamin A, B6, B12, E and potassium, calcium iron and magnesium. The high level of potassium 312 mg per 100 grams of kiwi, that helps in maintaining the blood pressure such as the magnesium helps us in our body to nerve and muscle system  and the proper circulatory through the vessels.