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Benefits of Guava

Hi my all friend today I am told about to health benefits of guava.
Let’s start to see these benefits.
Guava is tropical fruits originating in Central America. These fruits' skin is green and yellow. The guava tree leaves are used as the herbal tea extract as the supplement. Guava are also be rich in any kind of vitamin and minerals such nutrient as antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. These nutrient content gives many health benefits and also be prevented in many diseases. Guava is one of the richest dietary fibers.
1.       May lower blood pressure – guava can suggest that the can improve blood pressure. In several tests, the tube found that the guava leaves are extracted to improve the blood sugar control and its level and insulin resistance.
2.       May help to boost heart health – guava are may be a help to heart health in a number of ways. Guava is also been has been toe reaches in a high level of antioxidants and many kinds of vitamin in guava that protects help us to protect your heart damage by the free radicals and the high in potassium and soluble fiber in guava are also be improved your heart health. The guava leaves extract has been linked to the lower blood pressure, that the decreases LDL in bad cholesterol and HDL in bad cholesterol levels.
3.       Relief to painful symptoms – many women experience dysmenorrhea this painful symptom of the menstruation like the stomach cramps. That the guava and the guava leaves extract the daily reduced in the pain intensity of the menstrual cramps. Guava leaves are also extracted to help us from the relief of the uterine cramps.
4.       Benefits in the digestive system – guava is an excellent source of fiber. Whereas eating the guava may aid healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation. One guava provides 12 percent of the fiber in the daily routine in our body. Guava leaves are also may be benefits in the digest your that we eat in your digestive system and may help us prevented diarrhea.
5.       May aids weight loss – guava is a weight loss friendly fruits with only these the 37 percent calorie and 12 percent of the daily fiber and the packed vitamin and the minerals with such of the important nutrients.
6.       Prevent the anticancer effect – guava leaves are extracted have and the anticancer effect and that the guava prevents to stop the growth of the cancer cell. This is the likely have to the high level of the cancer cell and frees the radical and the cause of the cancer.
7.       Help to boost your immunity – low level of the vitamin C and the linked-to increase the risk of the infection and the illness. Guava is most likely in the fantastic way of the nutrients and it's they are the richest source of vitamin C. vitamin C is play an important role in our body to keep maintain a healthy immune system.
8.       May be good for skin – the wide range of the vitamin C and antioxidants protect our skin.