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Benefits of cranberry

Hi my all friend today I am told about to health benefits of cranberry.
Let’s start to see these benefits
Cranberry is so sweet fruits in the world. Cranberries are also being healthful for our body in the right amount of our daily routine. Cranberries are also being high in nutrients and antioxidants contents. There are many sources of vitamins and minerals which provide for our body. This nutrients in cranberries are be have been linked to preventing the disease and the lower risk of urinary tract infection, prevention the type of cancer, improved the immune system, and decreased the blood pressure in our body. Cranberry has also prevented many diseases for our bodies. They are also be low in calorie and also be high in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K. they are also be contain the proanthocyanidins, as the antioxidants that maybe help us to prevent the range of the disease. Such as a good source of vitamin K, people should be used in blood thinners to control blood sugar.
1.       Nutritious – one cup of cranberry are 55 gram that contain the following nutrients. 25 calorie, 0.25 gram of protein, 0.07 gram of fat, 6.6 g of carbohydrates, 2.35 g of sugar, 2 g of fiber, 5 milligram of calcium, 0.12 mg of magnesium, 6 mg of phosphorus, 44 mg potassium, 1mg of sodium, 0.05 mg of zinc, 7.7 mg of vitamin C, 0.5 microgram [mcg] vitamin A, 0.72 mg of vitamin E, 2.75 mcg of vitamin K. cranberry are also been contain the B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6.
2.       Vitamin C – vitamin C are the most powerful that which produce the antioxidants, and also be damage to caused by the free radicals improves the iron absorption, boost the immune system, and aids the collagen to which help us to our body wound healing.
3.       Fiber – high fiber are also be intake to the prevented   us to lower the risk of developing a high range of health conditions, including coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity are all the certain to contain the gastrointestinal disease. Increased they are also may be shown to lower the blood pressure, cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity and enhance the weight loss.
4.       Vitamin E – vitamin E is the most popular to fat-soluble antioxidants that which involved to the immune system. It is also may help us to prevent the chronic disease associated with free radicals. Such as also is helping us to prevent heart disease, cancer, cataract, Alzheimer, and arthritis.
5.       Urinary tract infections - cranberry are the perhaps is it’s known the important role of our body to preventing the urinary tract infections. The high level of the antioxidants in the cranberry are also may help us to stop certain bacteria from the urinary tract wall and be prevent the infection.

6.       Cancer – cranberries such that the nutrients that which provide us to protect the slow tumor and that they have maybe a positive impact or prostate, liver, breast and colon cancer.