Benefits of Aizen fruits
Benefits of Aizen fruits 

Aizen fruits benefits
Hello my dear friends today I am told you aizen fruits benefits if we eat them on a daily basis what we get and what this fruit gives us Aizen fruit is very nutrient-rich fruits  Aizen fruits contain with vitamin B1, B2, B5 this fruits also gives ascorbic acid, minerals iron and potassium  dear friends Aizen fruits are nutrients—rich it also contains calcium During eating Aizen fruits we find one or two seeds its look like in a green color like peas that are grown in Africa Aizen fruits look like in the size of cherries and also it becomes thicker Aizen fruit is an important local food plant in country Africa aizen fruits is an evergreen shrub or tree and that can considerably in size
How Aizen fruit is useful to us
Aizen fruits are generally ready at the beginning of the rainy season and very little other food will be available to us Aizen fruits of reducing malnutrition and mortality Aizen fruits are a significant source of carbohydrates in the total vitamins Aizen fruits give us 66.8% carbohydrates to us aizen fruits seeds give us 25% of protein to us aizen fruits rich in zinc and iron also Aizen fruits also give us to high antioxidant capacity also high in calcium, potassium, manganese, and iron. Aizen fruits belong to Boscia which is a member of caper family Aizen fruits are woody plant has been classified dicotyledon or dicot.this is a super green fruit plant Aizen fruits is help for that person which hair is falling who are taken regularly these fruits stop losing her hair fall Aizen fruits are look like cherries Aizen fruits juice is blended with milk and millet to prepares cakes in Aizen fruits generally have one ore two seeds but sometimes a fruit may contain up to four seeds as a food source the seed of Aizen fruits to be more valuable that the fruits itself. Aizen fruit seeds look like greenish usually, these seeds are dried out in stored for use as a food when other sources of food become scarce. Generally, Aizen fruits possess the aptitude to endure serve heat and drought. Aizen fruits are generally growing in rocky, hardened poor and barren soils Aizen fruits help using this rich in seaweeds cream will help you to improve your skin-tone and reduce the appearance of sun and age spots. The flowers of Aizen are excellent food for bees. Aizon fruits look greenish seeds of Aizen are edible in fact the seeds are considered to be more valuable compared to the fruits. Aizon seeds have a bitter flavor and, hence, they are soaked in water prior to consumption to get rid of their unpleasant taste. Aizon seeds are considered to be a very important food in-country Sudan and Senegal. Aizen seeds are somewhat nutritive and enclose roughly 25 percent protein, in addition to 60 percent carbohydrates aizon fruits also give us reasonable amounts of iron actually aizen fruits are used for making a number of food items such as soups, stews, and porridges.
These are aizen fruits benefits will come back with you in a new fruits and its benefits