Benefits of abiu fruits
Benefits of abiu fruits

Abiu fruit is a significant source of calcium phosphorus and vitamin A, and vitamin C abiu is a tropical fruit native America and is found in Peru. Colombia. Venezuela and Brazil the fruit belong to the Sapotaceae family. Abiu fruit is called by various names in different regions. It is called temare in Venezuela caimito in Colombia Abieiro in Brazil Abiu fruits is round in shape, smooth and pointed at the stigma. When the fruits ripen. It turns bright yellow in color. The outer skin of the abiu fruit is inedible and has a leathery texture. The fruits contain sticky latex when it is immature ant the cut surface browns rapidly in contact with air. The latex disappears as the fruits mature. The translucent flesh tastes like caramel and contains up to five seeds.
Health benefits of Abiu fruits
Abiu can be eaten fresh and sometimes it is added to salads jelly-like pulp can be added to jam. The taste of the abiu fruit is very delicious fruit and this is a sweet palm and very good flavor. Abiu fruits offer several benefits owing to its rich vitamin and minerals content. Abiu fruit is beneficial to improve vision due to its higher vitamin A content just and tomatoes. It also helps prevent several eye disorders. About 100 grams of Abiu fruits provides 130 ug of vitamin A
Abiu fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and improve the defense mechanism against infections and diseases. 100grams of Abiu fruit should contain of the daily recommended dietary allowance for vitamin C in your body to a daily routine.              
Abiu fruit is a good source of vitamin B3 which support health, central nervous system, and digestive system. Brazilians use abiu fruits as a home remedy for respiratory diseases. Abiu fruits is one types of sapodilla which was originated from Australia, abiu fruit also a good source of the vitamin and minerals also provided in these fruits, we inform you 5 advantages of abiu fruits of overall health Abiu features a distinct consistency and also flavor at large, yet which was additionally a type of sapodilla fruit. So far as we realize Abiu fruit wasn’t well-known fruit on earth, simply because abiu fruit wasn't grown in every nation around the world. The abiu tree height medium of the tree, heavy producer and is also fairly free of pests and also diseases. This fruit tree is leaves are evergreen and the branches are brown. Abiu fruits are used to provide relief from fever and diarrhea. It is also be used for making medicine. The abui fruits contain various types of vitamin which has provided.
Abiu fruit can be help to protect our body from many diseases in our body. Vitamin A is in its abiu fruit also to prevent the disease. It helps us to take care of and protect the eye's health. Vitamin A can prevent the eye's vision and prevent eyes vision eyes from contract. Abiu fruit has a lot of fiber that can launch the digestion system.