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Acai berries benefits

Hi my, all friends today I am told about health benefits.
Let’s start to see the health benefits of acai berries.
Acai berries are a beautiful fruit that we should eat this fruits and it is very delicious. Acai berries are a Brazilian superfruits in this country. These are native to the Amazon reason where they are a staple fruit. It is also to keep the body safe and also be prevented the against disease and these is the beneficial for our health. It is also be main source of our body to contain the vitamin and mineral. This fruit that in the palm tree in the rainforest of the central and South America. They have the dark purple skin and flesh of the surrounding a large piece of seed. They size are 1-inch round the fruits. These the fruits are technically not a berry but it are also being rather a drupe. In the Amazon rainforests, acai berries are frequently accompany meals. Acai berries are also be contain the flavor food products such as including jelly and jelly beans and ice cream and also be used as acai oil .
1.       Produce the nutrient – acai berries have a unique the source of vitamin and mineral to nutritionals profile the fruits, in this fruits are a high in fat and lower in sugar. The one cup of a fruit is in 100 gram its nutritional is following them. Calories 70, fat 5 gram, saturated fat 1.5 gram, carbs 15 gram, sugar 2 gram, fiber 2 gram, vitamin A 15 percent, calcium 2 percent . According to the fruits they have also be produce the minerals, including chromium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. This fruits is good for our health.
2.       Heart health – the fiber and heart healthy fats in acai fruit also support heart health. Heart healthy fats in increase HDL to good cholesterol and decrease LDL to bad for cholesterol in our body.
3.       Boost weight loss – acai berries may be extremely healthy and contain the wide range of nutrients and it is also being consumed and less than the boost weight loss.
4.       Helps in digestion – acai are present in high amount the fiber that can help us to improve the digestive system to digest our food.
5.       Help us cancer- acai berries are also be contain the regularly helps us to prevent the many type of cancer and it should be contain to the colon and the breast to help our body to prevent the cancer cells.
6.       Improve the cellular health- the antioxidants of the acai berries to increase the efficiency of the cells In also be absorbing the nutrients and vitamin to reduce the chance of the cellular death.
7.       Boost the immune system- it has the largest benefits of the acai berries to  their ability the boost and strengthen the immune system to our body and this fruit is rich in antioxidants and the fight for free radicals to protect your body to several disease. It also is rich in carbohydrates, protein and good for fats that help us to stamina and high in energy levels.